TREEZ Series 1

HyperTodds Crypto Philosophy

I began a journey with the Cardano Community in December 2021 to create and share CNFTs. I am excited about these new blockchain systems that have the promise to change and improve how we operate and interact as a global community. I intend to create and share many projects that provide some value to others.

I hope that Cardano and other blockchains will provide more equal opportunities to broader and underserved communities who have been marginalized or disenfranchised by modern centralized systems. I chose to engage with Cardano, because governance and social justice are factors that have gone into the fundamental design of the network, and it is a community-driven project.

I intend to create and share many crypto projects, to collaborate with others to build value. To honor my position as a steward of my community and the environment, I will find opportunities to connect projects with the real world and to give back.

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Tree Seer - Cardano NFT Series

TREEZ Cardano NFT Series

Season 1 Open.

Season 2 is coming soon.

Tree Seer - Cardano NFT Series - Treez