TREEZ Season 1 (Sold Out)

TREEZ Season 2 Coming Soon


How do you perceive yourself and your place in the world? How do you see everything around you? What are the most important questions that you ask yourself and others?

TREEZ is an art series designed to express the intelligence, connection and life that trees share with us, with our planet, and with the universe. Trees can reflect our thoughts in powerful ways when you take the time to look. With this series, each piece is intended to remind you to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of nature and your connection to it. It’s about exploring your own perceptions. Not to find all of the answers, but to ask better questions.

Season 1 is SOLD OUT and Season 2 is coming soon – Preview.

Treez Season 1 – “Tree Seer”

TREEZ Season 1 is open, SOLD OUT

TREEZ Series 1

Treez Season 2 – “Tree Ninja”

TREEZ Season 2 is coming soon. Get a Sneak Peak

HyperTodd - TREEZ Series 02 Tree Ninja

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  • Tree Seer Season 1 TREEZ

    DECEMBER 2021


    Build website and Discord

    Create NFTs ready to mint

    Launch Season 1 – Tree Seer

    Donation to One Tree Planted to plant 100 trees


    Complete creation of Season 2 NFTs

    Update website with Roadmap

    The following were delayed but coming:

    Airdrop to Season 1 holders

    Continue community engagement

    Launch Season 2 Tree Ninja

    Donation to plant 5 trees for each NFT

  • 2033

    Complete creation of limited Season 3 NFTs

    Community collabs

    Expand community engagement

    Airdrop to TREEZ holders

    Launch Season 3 Orchard

    Donation to plant 5 trees for each NFT

  • 2023

    Create special edition TREEZ

    Community collabs

    Airdrop to TREEZ holders

    Launch TREEZ special edition

    Develop ways to onboard to Cardano

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