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My name is Todd Robertson, but there are allot of people with that name, so it’s not really unique. One thing that I’ve learned that might be unique about me is my perspective on life and how I express that through various forms of media and art.

I am a filmmaker, animator, graphic designer, artist and musician. I am active in creating new material, and I manage a media production studio called Hyperspective, that I started more than 25 years ago. That work is fulfilling because we create films and media with a focus to inspire positive change.

I think what really wakes me up in the morning is the idea that I can create new, unique experiences for people that have some sort of impact on them. Whether that’s through film, art, or any form of media, I am personally fulfilled when people are engaged in the work. 

I’ve been managing Hyperspective for so long that my time has become mostly consumed by the work that we do there. It’s great work and fulfilling, so it’s easy to get lost in it. However, recently I have become more engaged in creating personal art, film/animation and music projects. And now I’m starting a journey to explore the world of the growing Cardano NFT community, and I am excited to see where that goes.

HyperTodds Crypto Philosophy

I began a journey with the Cardano Community in December 2021 to create and share CNFTs. I am excited about these new blockchain systems that have the promise to change and improve how we operate and interact as a global community. I intend to create and share many projects that provide some value to others.

I hope that Cardano and other blockchains will provide more equal opportunities to broader and underserved communities who have been marginalized or disenfranchised by modern centralized systems. I chose to engage with Cardano, because governance and social justice are factors that have gone into the fundamental design of the network, and it is a community-driven project.

I intend to create and share many crypto projects, to collaborate with others, and to build value. To honor my position as a steward of my community and the environment, I will find opportunities to connect projects with the real world and to give back.

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Tree Seer - Cardano NFT Series


Season 1 Open.

Season 2 is coming soon.

Tree Seer - Cardano NFT Series - Treez